Ross Carron invited me to take part in the world wide blog hop by answering four questions about my work and inviting three other artists to take part. I’m late in getting this posted and was slack in getting 3 more folks involved, however, Aaron Beebe agreed to participate.

What Are You Working On?

I’m curating a show of small collage works that will open in early October, finishing up a series of 8 small mixed media collage pieces for the Recipher show in Sept.

How Does Your Work Differ From Others of Its Genre?

I make an effort not to use the human figure if at all possible, focusing on spontaneous compositions, layering, happy accidents.

Why Do You Create What You Do?

I am over stimulated visually. I can’t absorb it all without producing something in return. It’s a type of filtering/re-editing response to my visual environment. It’s also my way of unplugging, turning off  and tuning in other frequencies. a type of short wave subliminal meditation.

How Does Your Creative Process Work?

It depends on the project. Sometimes I have a clear vision of something in my head, but most often I sit down with a pile of scraps and sort it out with knives, glue, tape, gel medium, paint, etc.